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Massive Alien Abduction Experiment Conducted In Los Angeles USA - Why?
By Article Chase Staff Writers - Extracts from PR Web
24th November, 2011
You may not have heard the news about a mass alien abduction experiment on 7th October 2011, but in the city of Los Angeles such an experiment has taken place. The following information may explain why it took place, but in light of the current debate about UFO and Alien Disclosure one has to ponder the question why further.
PR Web reported recently:
"Many were contacted by “aliens” during an experiment conducted by the OOBE Research Center at UCLA. It was the first experiment to ever prove that close encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrials are a product of the human mind"
Now I can certainly debunk this theory from the offset - I will not allow a bunch of student 'shills' take the plaudits for a bogus experiment. The reason why I feel that this experiment failed to allure the correct results is this... none of the actual participant have been abducted, and if they had been abducted then they had their memories 'wiped' by the said alien visitors that did the abducting.
Clearly you cannot partake in a social experiment to recreate 'alien abduction' if the conditions are not correct. So why bother?
The experiment was absolutely the work of some US government agency that wishes to keep human thought away from the truth, the truth being that aliens are abducting humans, animals and plant life from our planet.
The PR Web report goes on to read:
"20 volunteers assembled at UCLA on October 7th, 2011. They were instructed to perform a specific procedure upon overnight and early-morning awakenings over the next few days. More than half of the volunteers experienced at least one full or partial out-of-body experience as a result. 7 of them reported making visual contact with UFOs or extraterrestrials. Meanwhile, the sensations they described were identical to those of accounts by “alien abduction survivors”. By some estimates, up to one million Americans experience such encounters every year.
According to the researchers, the term “out-of-body experience” is used to refer to the sensation of having left the body, and not a real exit of some essence from the physical body - although this is just the impression often had by test subjects."
Needless to say that the results taken from just 20 volunteers cannot possible solve what over one million Americans experience every year. Now if just 1% of those one million people have indeed had a real abduction experience then it would be fair to say that the experiment should have been conducted with at least ten thousand people, of which at least 100 should have had an alien abduction.
That statistic alone says that something is wrong with the mass alien abduction experiment performed in Los Angeles, the conclusion...DO NOT READ INTO IT BELIEVERS!
The simple fact of the matter is that we would not be told until the time is right for our planet that UFO's have been captured by or visiting our planet. We would not be told about alien visitors, the reasons behind that truth is because of mass panic, and the religious view of our Universe - put simply the Earth is not ready, and for those of us who are ready for the truth... well we already know the truth we do not have to await an answer from those who wish to hide behind the shroud of lies and disinformation.
You can read the full Mass Alien Abduction article at PR Web.

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