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The Trolley Problem


as they say in Tanzania

Lana's promo from WWE Battleground: Commentary and Observations

As you all know, I don't precisely comment too much on what happens in the strange but glorious world of Professional Wrestling on here UNLESS it is something I feel is tangibly important. This concerns a promo that Lana, who controls Rusev, a phenomenally strong and great wrestler who is a heel, in a traditional Russia-is-evil wrestling storyline. This promo was singled out quite heavily by the MSM Goon Squads and shows what derisive goons they truly are. So what do I think about it?

Israel and Palestine: Some observations about the situation from different viewpoints

With all that has erupted in regards to Israel and Palestine, and kind of more specifically what is happening concerning the Gaza Strip, I am going to take the time to look at this from several different points of view and offer my observations as regarding them. I feel this is too noteworthy to not let it go with some serious consideration from differing points of view and also offering my own observations about what is happening. Please understand I am attempting to present VARIOUS points of view. NONE of them come from any indoctrination from the MSM Goon Squads. They are ALL my own.

Tea Party support linked to educational segregation, new study shows

In January of 2009, Barack Obama assumed the U.S. presidency in the midst of the most severe recession since the great depression of the 1930s. While many Americans hoped the new administration would take an active role in providing relief for those harmed by the economic collapse, a "Tea Party" movement emerged to oppose Obama's agenda.

Welcome to Sarcastic Scoop

Sarcastic Scoop

because people will write anything

I Need Excess Money - Now!

Sarcastic Scoop

because people will write anything

Future Archeology and what it might consist of...

Ah yes, archeology. The science and study of civilizations of the past. There has been plenty of very interesting speculation of what those Archeologists deep in the future would think if our civilization of and in itself as currently comprised if they found our monuments and our cities and what would their viewpoint be like? It is a very intriguing question, and certainly is a very interesting one, as Archeologists of OUR time have a notion of what life was like way back when.

After by Guy de Maupassant - Short Story Analysis



After by Guy de Maupassant - Short Story Analysis

The Men in Black: Some observations on who they might be

I know I said I was going to be doing two, but when I got the first one done, it was already too late I was getting too sleepy so none was written. As such, this was the second one I was going to write. The Men in Black is our topic, and I am not talking about the movie, but the actual incidents where seemingly sinister figures wearing all black appear after some UFO sightings to do whatever they do, usually silencing people. telling people to forget the whole thing, and so on and so forth. So what is this all about? Are we to be afraid of them? Is it a NWO operation of some sort going on?

Is Newsmax really an independent news network or MSM Goon Squad member?

I am going to probably do two this time around. We focus in the first one on the network Newsmax TV, that was recently added to DirecTV and looks on the outside of things to be an independent news channel that doesn't seem to have all the charm of an MSM Goon Squad network with lying down pat and of course fake news stories and trick propaganda lined up and going. But is this accurate or is this some sort of MSM Goon Squad trickery happening right now? Join me as I investigate if this is such to be the case and offer my views in regards to the entire matter at hand.

Movie News: Coming Soon Flay Movie Has Slenderman Look-alike

Coming soon to a screen near you 'Flay' a horror movie with great potential, and with potential for sequels. Staring Michael Baldwin and written by Matthew James Daley, directed by Eric T Pham, produced by Phame Factory - 'Flay' is sure to be a cult horror hit with its main fear filling character that looks like Slenderman.

A recent press release and teaser creates an air of anticipation for horror fans, but give nothing much away however a Facebook account that accompanies the 'Flay' movie gives potential fans a little more insight.

Why I Was Gone...and Why I am Back in The Saddle Again!

Ah! It feels so good to finally pound away on Mr. Keyboard stringing letters together to form words and then stringing words together to form sentences and then to form paragraphs...ad infinitum ergo ad nauseam (roughly: To a eternal degree, therefore to a sickening degree) to which gets my thoughts nicely across. But this isn't an exposition about that, this is about why I have been gone and what happened and how I got back in the saddle and riding again.

The World, The Conspiracies, The Investigations...and a One Finger Salute


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