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Literary Analysis: The Lure of Beauty by H. L. Mencken

"The lure of beauty" is part of "In defense of women" by H. L. Mencken. The overall impression the reader gets from "In defense of women" is that Mencken deems women to be more intelligent than men. The work is more a praise of women than a defense.

63 Ways to Save Money and Improve Productivity

Media entrepreneur Scott Britton has wowed the online community with his success as an author and blogger. His site, Life-LongLeaner.com is one of the top 50 self-improvement blogs in the world and now he brings his own brand of “life hacking” to your local Amazon store.

A Roundup of MH370 Theories and Allied Matters

Today, I am offering a roundup of all the current theories in force for the tragic disappearance or mysterious disappearance of MH370. I will be starting with what we currently know, and then move on to the theories and other matters beneficial to the discussion. I will say that theories to me are just that, theories, UNLESS some credible documentation is provided or true evidence shown.

The Details So Far

Book Review: Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

"Loving Frank," the debut novel by Nancy Horan is based on an extra-marital affair between two historical personalities, Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick. To state it baldly like that is slightly unfair because there's a lot more to this novel than just a love affair between two married people.


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